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Acquired brain injury

Department of Health, 2004

Introduction The National Service Framework (NSF) for Children and Maternity Services will be published alongside supporting material, which includes a series of exemplar patient journeys.
Whilst it is not the role of the NSF or the exemplars to provide detailed clinical discussion on individual childhood conditions or aspects of pregnancy or childbirth, exemplars illustrate some of the key themes in the NSF.
Several factors influenced the selection of exemplar conditions, for example: large numbers of children and families affected, significant cause of illness and distress, wide variability in standards of practice or service provision, and suitability for highlighting the NSF themes.
Such themes include the importance of responding to the views of children and their parents, involving them in key decisions, providing early identification, diagnosis and intervention, delivering flexible, child-centred, holistic care, which is integrated between agencies and over time and is sensitive to the individual's changing needs.
It is also acknowledged that not every child with the same condition will follow the same journey or have the same type or severity of condition as the one which is illustrated.
The primary audience for the exemplars is professionals from a broad range of backgrounds including education, NHS, social services and the voluntary sector (although they could also be of interest to parents and older children).
way they collaborate on, commission and deliver children's services, for this and other conditions, to the benefit children and their families;
> Provide an aid to examining and improving local clinical & non-clinical governance; > Provide a multi-disciplinary training tool for staff working with children and
focus groups), provide a non-threatening mechanism to open discussion, such as good and `not so good' aspects of the current service, and
One morning before they reached the gates, Jack wanted to cross the road to see a friend who was on the other side.
assessed and initial management instituted (airway optimised, breathing assessed, oxygen given, circulation assessed and