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Benign Tonsillar Masses

Hardin MD , 2001

|     |     |     |    | |     |    |  |    | |    |     |    |   | Otolaryngolgy Houston WWW.GHORAYEB.COM Benign Tonsillar Masses This page was last updated on: June 27, 2005 CYST OF RIGHT TONSIL Epithelial cysts of the tonsils are quite common.  They are glistening, smooth white or yellowish sessile masses.  Small cysts do not produce any symptoms.
PAPILLOMA OF LEFT TONSIL Squamous papillomas are commonly seen hanging from a pedicle on the uvula, pillars or tonsils.  The papilloma in this picture is a fleshy sessile and granular mass arising from the posterior surface of the anterior pillar.
POLYP OF LEFT TONSIL (SURGEON'S VIEW) This sessile tonsillar mass turned out to be a benign polyp on histologic examination.
GLOMUS VAGALE PROTRUDING INTO OROPHARYNX This right pulsatile oropharyngeal swelling was associated with right hypoglossal paralysis and right vocal cord paralysis.  An ill-defined right behind the angle of the jaw was not readily visible.
Subtraction digital carotid angiography revealed the presence of a large chemodectoma.  The tumor was first embolized and at surgery, it was wrapped around the vagus nerve (Glomus Vagale).
PROTRUDING INTO THE OROPHARYNX This right oropharyngeal swelling is the medial component of a dumbell parotid .