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Clinical Notes: Insulin Analog Safe in Pregnancy

MedPageToday, 2012

The FDA reclassified insulin detemir (Levemir) into pregnancy category B, indicating that the product may be used by pregnant women without risk of fetal injury, its manufacturer said.
The company had sponsored a randomized 310-patient trial involving pregnant women with type 1 diabetes to establish insulin detemir's safety in this population.
Having already established itself in western Cambodia, artemisinin-resistant malaria has now been confirmed further west, on Thailand's border with Myanmar (Burma).
An international group of researchers, led by doctors at Mahidol University in Bangkok, found that artemisinin resistance was common in infected people living in western Thailand.
In a longitudinal study of 3,202 infected patients from 2001 to 2009, the mean half-life for parasite clearance after artemisinin treatment increased from 2.6 hours to 3.7 hours, according to a report in The Lancet .
Artemisinin-based drugs have replaced chloroquine as the mainstay of malaria therapy in most of the world, as resistance to the latter drug is ubiquitous.
Malaria remains one of the biggest disease scourges in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia but could be much worse without effective treatments.
Earlier in the week, other researchers reported that a was highly effective in most patients, but less so in Cambodia.
Two of the nation's largest pharmacy benefit managers are now one, as Express Scripts cleared its final regulatory hurdle in acquiring rival firm Medco in a nearly $30-billion deal.
The Federal Trade Commission gave its approval to the buyout after its board voted 3-1 that the merger did not violate antitrust laws.
However, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, and other groups representing pharmacies that will compete with the enlarged Express Scripts, denounced the acquisition as anticompetitive and likely to drive up drug prices.